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A barbell resistance class. Pumped is designed to hit each of the major muscle groups to ensure we are hitting any weaknesses that may be present. By utilizing a high rep, low weight scheme we are able to help you tone up as well as build that strength base we all need for our lives. If you have never touched a barbell before or are just in need of some inspiration, Pumped is the class you have been missing.

Box-Fit (60mins or 30mins)

A 45min boxing workout designed to incorporate the cardiovascular benefits of boxing, with high rep body weight resistance exercises to promote toning and strengthening of the body. Our Boxfit will help you reach your full potential in a fun, interactive workout.


Indorow incorporates the use of a specifically designed water-rowing machines, with the instructor taking participants through a season’s worth of rowing in one low impact 45min class. Each class consists of technique training, low to high intensity intervals and finishing with some friendly competition, in the form of team races.

Revolution (60mins or 30mins)

Revolution is a cycling program that brings the outdoor ride - inside. Saddle up for an efficient high intensity interval training cycling experience that strengthens your legs, improves heart and lung function, and increases your determination to be fit for life


Axis is a 30-minute focus on your body’s core. This class will help you to create stability from the middle of your body, then layer on mobility, strength and power. Move like never before, beginning from the core, and reach further than you thought possible.


Tabata is a high-energy interval training class that combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilisation exercises. It is the perfect class if you want to build speed, endurance, stamina, coordination, agility and overall fitness to improve your fitness and lifestyle.


Transform is inspired by utilising two disciplines-yoga and sport, extracting from these practices to create an integrated and unique experience. Prepare for a unique mind/body experience featuring traditional yoga poses, such as warrior and sport-influenced movements including plyometrics and strength.


X-Fit is an awesome cross-training class moves you through intervals of cardio and weighted resistance. Plyometrics, drills, and strength stations utilizing a variety of strength-building equipment and exercises.


Stretch is a total-body stretch class. Stretch is designed to focus on flexibility, skeletal alignment, relaxation and, best of all stress reduction.