Through this page we hope to supply our current swimmers (and future swimmers) with some pointers in the right direction.

Many swimmers visit our pool and often ask Staff for "tips and advice" about how to improve their swimming experience. This might involve stroke correction advice, program and training advice; or simply a few questions about training equipment and aids (kickboards, hand-paddles, etcetera).

Perhaps you might like to do your own thing, in your own way, and this is fine. However, below are a few ideas and some suggestions below that you might be interested to try.


Swimming Programs

Beginner Swimmer Programs:
Intermediate Swimmer Programs:
Advanced Swimmer Programs


Freestyle Tumble Turns for Beginners

Click here for a 2 minute YouTube Video about: Beginner Tumble Turns


Learning Backstroke for Beginners

Click here for a short beginners backstroke lesson: Backstroke For Beginners

Click here to see the backstroke progression: Progression for Intermediate Backstroke Swimmers


Backstroke for Advanced Swimmers

Click here for anadvanced backstroke lesson: Advanced Backstroke with Ian Pope